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Private lessons are a great way to learn to knit or crochet or to advance your skills at your convenience and pace. We’ll teach you the basics, a specific skill (like knitting lace) or a specific project (like modifying a sweater to fit your body).

Cost: Starts at $30 per hour for one person and depends on your goals and the instructor. We recommend a two-hour lesson to start (especially for beginners!).

Book your private lesson by filling out the form below or email us at

Private Lessons


Knit or crochet.

Beginner through advanced

Session Dates:

Private lessons are scheduled individually. Please use the form below and we’ll reach out to you to schedule your session. Or you can email us at

Our 2023 CyberMonday (And CyberTuesday) deal is $10 off any 2 hour private lesson. We will honor that price if you use the form below to schedule your lesson on Monday, Nov 27 or Tuesday, Nov 28.

Private Lessons Form

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Do you want to Learn Knitting, Crochet, or Both?
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Our Teachers

Shahnaz (@yarnmonkey) taught herself to knit in 2003 and hasn’t put her needles down since! She has taken knitting lessons from Stephen West, Nancy Marchant, Veera Valimaki, Deborah Newton, Amy Herzog and Patty Lyons, among others. She enjoys visiting yarn shops around the world, learning local techniques, trying new yarns, and connecting with locals through a common love of yarn. Her passion is learning new techniques and experimenting with new yarns. When she’s not knitting, cycling or being dog-mom to Boomer, she is a practicing physician in her spare time.


Fran learned to knit when she was 12, but has been a lifelong maker. Her current obsession is crochet, which she picked up in the doldrums of 2020. Her frustration with fast fashion and consumerism led her to start @FrannyGirlFibers where she focuses on using upcycled yarns to create bespoke apparel and home goods. She appreciates how creating things forces her to slow down and be present in her body. She believes we are all in desperate need of slow living. She loves bright colors and whimsy and tries to create unique pieces that make life more fun and beautiful. When she’s not knitting or crocheting, you can find her in the kitchen pursuing another passion–food!

How do Suncoast Yarns classes work?
Register online or in store, purchase any required materials ahead of time (if yarn is not included, you will want to have your yarn wound into a cake BEFORE class starts) and arrive about 15 minutes early on the first day to get settled.
What equipment will I need?
Look in each class description for a description of what equipment is included or required but not included.
How do I know if I am ready for an Intermediate or Advanced class?
Please review the pre-requisite skills to make sure that you meet the requirements. The pre-requisite skills are required and are not included in the class teachings!
What can I make after the class?
It depends! Each class description lists what some students might be able to make, but it really depends on the student and how much time and effort you invest into the experience.
Is there other support if I need it?
Private lessons are available to help get you up to speed on the pre-requisite skills for intermediate and advanced classes, to supplement class time with one-on-one instruction and as an alternative to classes if you have a specific goal not covered in a class.
What's the difference between knitting and crochet?
To keep it simple, knitting involves two needles and crochet involves one hook. With knitting, you generally have a lot of live stitches at once, whereas in crochet you generally have only one live stitch. They create different types of fabrics and have advantages for different types of projects. Many knitters know how to crochet and many crocheters know how to knit. Some projects use both skills!